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Our Story

Brad Crouch has been a naturopath, chiropractor and iridologist for more than 36 years. Our clinic, first located in Browns Bay, and now in Rothesay Bay, has seen more than 50,000 patients, and been credited with the birth of over 3000 healthy babies!

The Clinic has been family run the entire time, and maintains its original values of integrity and honesty, with every patient treated individually and with the utmost respect and care.

Brad has served as the president of the Naturopathic Association of New Zealand, as well as being a leader at his church and is the proud father of  four children.

Brad’s son Dallin is now also taking patients at the clinic.

The Naturopathic Clinic

10 Montgomery Avenue

Rothesay Bay

Auckland, New Zealand

“My husband and I saw Brad over two years ago, after 11 miscarriages, unexplained fertility and multiple painful procedures someone suggested we make an appointment with Brad. The rest is history. We now have two beautiful children, 18 months and 6 months. I would recommended Brad and the team to anyone seeking help around fertility, menstrual health, and general health and well-being.”
 “In 2012, after 4 miscarriages, I visited Brad in the hope he could help me hold a pregnancy to full term. I felt so incredibly well on his program. 
Today I am 33 and a half weeks in to a healthy pregnancy! Thanks Brad! My dream has come true & I’ve shared this because I had certainly given up on ever having a baby. 
I’ve never been happier. Thanks for everything Brad. All the best to all of you trying to conceive.”

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